Alicia (cici_cooper) wrote in oh_percussion,

hey! questions for everyone!

how many do you guys march on battery for marching band and/or indoor?

For marching band.. my group normally marches 4-5-2 (snares, basses, tenors; respectively)

For indoor... my group (this year) is marching 5-5-3-5 (snares, basses, tenors, plates; respectively)

which brings me to my next question.!

do you guys have indoor lines? and if so, what circuit are you guys in?

My winterline is called Apex Winter Percussion. We've been in exsitance for.. 3 years (before that we were the Amelia drumline) our first year (I wasnt in it) we got first place at championships for our class.. awoohoo.! and last year.. we swept the competitions (first in our class everytime) except for championships.. where we lost my like 9 tenths of a point.. blagh. This year, we're in the Tri-State Circuit.. and we're in WGI. So that should be uber amounts of fun.

and now my Final question!

If you guys have an indoor line.. what's your show this year?

My group is going a five senses show called Sensory Overload.. it's pretty cool.

that's all :)
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