Chinook McMutton Z (czgoldedition) wrote in oh_percussion,
Chinook McMutton Z

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So,has anyone else here named any of their drums? Y'know, after awhile they kinda become like a lover, making music with them and all, so it feels weird not to name them.. my Quads are named Conant. :) One name; four times the marching lovin'. I'll post a picture of him in all his sexxiness later.

In other news, do y'all know how I might be able to go about fixing a snare without actually having to drag it to a music store and pay for the proceedure? The coils on the bottom of the snare of my set are a bit bent and loose.. so it doesn't get that nice ring to it. I've tried tying them closer with rope, and duct tape, and a variety of other things.. but alas, it's been fairly futile thus far.
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