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Hello my fellow Ohio drummers! It is I, the almighty and great one, Abby (erm). Since today was Day 2 of my Pre-Camp and I'm super in the mood for band to REALLY start (blah, pre-camp is boring... marching basics all week for the n00bs. I want to PLAYYY!), I'd thought I'd give a little shout and see how you guys are doing. My line's doing pretty good. I'm on tenors again. I'm drumline center and co-drumline section leader. Yeah, it's gonna be pretty awesome. Our show is an original piece for the 3rd year in a row written by a pretty kick ass composer by the name of Shane Kelbley. He has failed to let me down. When I heard the synthesized version of the first song at our banquet in May, I REALLY didn't like it and I thought the show (which is entitled "Flight of the Eagle") was going to be lame and patriotic and such. But now that we're adding percussion and now that I've heard the synthed versions of all the songs. I REALLY like it. If anyone is interested in listening to those, I can give you a link to them (but they don't have the majority of the percussion parts in it since our percussion instructor writes our parts after Shane writes the wind parts and rough sketches of some percussion stuff that he'd like to hear). It's pretty sweet it's like solo and duet city in wind player-land. Jealous! We don't have any snare, tenor, or bass solos (I don't think). But we will have a percussion feature of some kind. But yeah, EXCITING STUFF!

Now, back to business. Silly of me not to ask way back when, but assuming most of you guys compete, what circuits do you compete in? We at good old Bishop Watterson HS compete in OMEA (blah) and MSBA (yay!). I have my schedule for this season somewhere, but right now I'm too lazy to search for it. Maybe later...

Well, talk to you all later hopefully and best of luck!
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