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Oh! Percussion!

Ohio percussionists.

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This community is for percussionists from Ohio. I, (kaliedoscope_k8) made this community. Please join if you are from ohio and are either a;
*pit member*
*drumline member*
*Play drumset*
* Play mallett instruments*
OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT I MIGHT HAVE FORGOTTEN(that has to do with percussion, duh)
This community is to tell us about your experiences as a percussionist also tips and pictures questions etc.etc. As long as it has to do with *percussion*

Please, just fill this crap out--->(put it in an lj cut that says "Info, bitch"...or not)
*What part of ohio?
*What do you play?

Please join, share tips tell funny stories (you know you have 'em) And anything else you want! Thanks